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NEW! HP-Filter-media from RESY

Would you like to improve your process, your quality and safe costs?

Then put us to your test and safe with a 15% discount during market introduction of our new HP-Filter-media until 30.7.2017 and get convinced about the advantages of our new HP Filter-media from RESY.

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RESY® has become a hallmark of innovative concepts and has significantly contributed to the latest development in filtration technology over the last 30 years.

Thousands of systems in more than 100 countries throughout the world bear witness to our experience which we would be glad to share with you. Our highly skilled specialists are developing anything - from Standard Compact Filters up to fully customized Central Systems for various filtration applications.

Whether it is filtration and conditioning of e.g.

  • cooling lubricants
  • cooling water
  • industrial process fluid
  • etc.

Customised and individual RESY-Solutions contribute since decades to manufacturing quality, environment protection and work hygiene.

Trade Fair dates 2023

  • 19.1. – 25.1.2023
    IMTEX India
    Bangalore, India

  • 8.5. – 11.5.2023
    Interwire USA
    Atlanta, USA

  • 24.5. – 27.5.2023
    Wire Eurasia
    Istanbul, Turkey

  • 12.6. – 15.6.2023
    Wire Toho
    Tokyo, Japan

  • 8.8. – 10.8.2023
    Niehoff Hausmesse u. NE-Forum
    Sao Paulo, Brasil

  • 2.9. – 4.9.2023
    Wire Middle East Africa
    Kairo, Egypt

  • 4.9. – 7.9.2023
    Wire China
    Shanghai, China

  • 20.9. – 22.9.2023
    Wire Southeast-Asia
    Bangkok, Thailand

RSF-Filter front view