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Full automatic liquid filtration by sedimentation and flotation

With this unique sedimentation system, deposit height of all particles is reduced to about 35 mm.

The high solids concentration in the separator has a mutual influence on the individual parts, so that all particles have a similar speed. The sedimentation and flotation procedure is a pure physical filtration and allows to profit by these precious-free of charge-physical processes. No expensive chemical additives, no expensive expendable items, e.g. filter paper etc., no expensive energy, only a small maintenance is necessary. Important: there are no costs for waste disposal which occur. We have the nature working for us free of charge.

The separated particles are pushed out continually. Manual cleaning of the tank is no longer necessary. The reduced declining height in the separator is achieved by the oblique position in the sedimentation areas.

Individual channels are formed over the whole area. The channels are 20 mm high and clean themselves automatically. On the top side of the channel, the separated medium flows upwards while the isolated particles are dropped down into the waste area. The sedimentation system consists of the following sections:

1. Pre-sedimentation and air ventilation
2. Sedimentation area
3. Clean area

The system is maintenance free and very flexible and can be adapted for any specific use. Please contact us for further details about your operation.


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