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RESY TF Principle


Drum filter RESY TF

The RESY TF drum filter is a reliable filter system for cleaning emulsions and oils used in machining processes. Depending on the filter fabric tension, filtering fineness of 80 ┬Ám and higher can be achieved. The special filter fabrics will last for several years and no additional materials are required.


The filter consists of an intermittently rotating horizontal filter drum mounted an a sturdy frame. The inside of the drum is covered with a held in place fabric and supported by an outer fabric. The filter and support fabrics are combined in individual segments for easy replacement. The filtrate is feeded directly into the drum via a central connecting flange. The drum consists of three chambers:

The chips retained by the drum filter are conveyed through the rotation of the drum and by means of drivers to a central screw conveyor, which transports them out of the drum. Depending on the type of chips or medium, the chips can be discharged directly into a container or transported to a centrifuge for drying. As the chips are kept rolling during rotation, the fabric remains clean. Any material adhering to the fabric is removed by a blast of liquid which cleans the drum from the outside before the start of the filtration phase begins again.


The drum filter has been designed specially for cleaning large volumes of fluid with high chip content without additional energy or operating material costs. With maintenance reduced to a minimum, this system offers excellent value for money. In large scale centralised systems a percentage of the flow can be finely filtered by a RESY KBF compact band filter, if superfine filtration is required.



Drum filter Type TF IV inside view