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Mixing liquids - RESY Mix in metal processing industry

RESY Mix is a mixing devices operating by using the jet pump principle. They provide extremely homologous and stable mixtures of emulsions and solutions. The benefits are:

  • Adherence to the prescribed concentration
  • less tool wear
  • cost savings for dispose of old emulsion
  • efficient use of expensive concentrate

In short, an investment that pays off full within a short time. The devices are made of cast iron top quality GG 22. This allows to give the flow channels the best possible design. The devices therefore have no internal piping, which prevents from wrong mixtures.

The final mixture can be transported away until a manometric counterpressure of 0.4 bar. All devices are fully assembled and ready for connecting, as shown on the pictures.

The devices are supplied ready for operation. During assembly it must be taken into consideration that the water supply pipe must be adequately dimensioned. The flow pressure must be constant. If the water pressure fluctuates it is advisable to install a normal pressure regulator upstream.

The device is installed directly above the concentrate tank. Once the inlet hose has been suspended into the barrel the device is ready for operation. Open the valve, adjust and check the mixing ratio. With RESY Mix automatic an automatic shut-off occurs when the concentrate barrel is empty.

Manual, automatic, stationary and mobile RESYmix devices are available for almost any capacity. The automatic device is controlled using a level switch from the emulsion tank. When the concentrate barrel is empty the device automatically shuts off and visual indication is given for the end of the concentrate. High-percentage master emulsions also can be mixed, e.g. during rapid filling of large systems. A dynamic water pressure of 1.7 bar is required to operate the RESY Mix system. Manual refractomers are also available for measuring the concentration.


Installation size RESYmix

Duplex 700 manual 700 l/h
Duplex 1600 manual 1600 l/h
Duplex 2500 manual 2500 l/h
Duplex 700 automatic 700 l/h
Duplex 1600 automatic 1600 l/h
Duplex 2500 automatic 2500 l/h
Duplex 4000 automatic 4500 l/h
Duplex 8000 automatic 8000 l/h
RESY Mix automatic
RESY mix manuel