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World-wide the most flexible filtration system -

Fully automatic filtration over filter paper

Because of the possibility of using different types of filter papers, the desired effects can be achieved.

The filtration procedure takes place in a semi-circular shaped basin, with hydrostatic pressure of about 400 mm. Two disc wheels form the lateral sealing of the filtration basin. There are several waste removers between the disc wheels, which push out all the dirt. The filter inlet is centric. The outlet occurs throughout the whole area in a vertical downward direction. Dirty paper take up and filter cake stripper for separation of paper and waste are optional.

The given filtration efficiencies are to be seen only as a guide. Actual requirements of filter specification are calculated after taking into consideration all provided data. Of importance are:

Throughput, medium, filtration fineness, input of concentration, material and type of waste particles.

Please contact us for further details about your operation.

KBF 1001/1040 KBF 1001/1500 KBF 1001/2000
A 1095 1095 1095
B 1134 1662 2164
C 625 625 625
D 600 600 600
E 1230 1230 1230
F 1145 1145 1145
G DN 200 DN 200 DN 200
H 1034 1502 2004
Paper (mm) 1040 1500 2000
KW 0,12 0,37 0,37
Q=l/min max. 1000 max. 1500 max. 2000
KBF 1001 Front
KBF 1001 Side
Paper rewinder