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RESY LA Principle


Lamel separator RESY LA

In this intelligent sedimentation process the settling height of all separable particles is reduced to approximately 35 mm. The high solid concentration in the clarifier influences each individual particle, with the result that the sedimentation speed is similar for all particles. Separated particles are discharged intermittently via an automatic sludge conveyor, making manual tank cleaning unnecessary. The settling height in the clarifier is reduced due to the inclined settling surfaces. These surfaces form individual ducts extending across the full width of the sedimentation compartment. The ducts are 20 mm high and are self-cleaning. While the cleaned medium rises to the top of the duct, the separated particles sink into the sludge conveyor.


The Bandex system contains the following compartments:

1. pre-sedimentation and venting

2. sedimentation

3. clarification

The System requires no maintenance and is flexibly designed for adaptation to all application requirements. This solution is established since many years with perfect results.