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RESY RSF Principle


Roll screen filter RESY RSF

The RESY RSF roll screen filter system has a lower throughput than the RESY TF drum filter. It is used mainly as a stand alone machine to remove chips and filtering media. The filtration effect is the same as on the TF filter and can be varied by using different filter fabrics. The standard version is equipped with 80 µm plastic fabric. No additional filter materials are required and operation is fully automatic.


The filter consists of a continuously or intermittently rotating filter drum supported an bearings and inclined upwards at an angle of around 25° towards the discharge. Fitted inside the drum is a discharge screw, which rotates with the drum by means of frictional interlock. Depending on the type of chips or medium, the material can be discharged directly into a container or transported to a centrifuge for drying. As the chips are kept rolling during rotation, the fabric remains clean. Any material adhering to the fabric is removed by a blast of water which cleans the drum from the outside before the start of the filtration phase. The roll screen filter is designed specially for cleaning liquids with high chip content without additional energy or operating material costs. With maintenance work reduced to a minimum, this system offers unsurpassed value for money. For special processing requirements a dual-circuit system should be used. The RSF filter can be used for coarse cleaning. Media cleaned in this way can be used without problem to rinse tools and as an external coolant. For fine (10 to 20 µm) filtration - e.g. for an internal lubricant supply-a KBF filter should be installed additionally in the bypass (see figure 2 on the right). This filter combination should be sufficient to meet all requirements.

RSF-Filter in front view
Tank installation RSF and KBF two step Filtration